Etiquette Class

Table Manners and Social Etiquette

(Boys and Girls, Pre-School, Pre-K, Kindergarten and up)
Fairy Tale Etiquette Classes are unique and fun classes to start your little one on the right path to “royal” manners! The children learn table manners and polite social skills that give them a fantastic foundation on which to build their self-esteem. The classes are themed with princesses, princes, toads, castles, dwarves, a sleeping dragon, fairy tale stories, and more! Girls can come dressed in princess costumes of their choice or chose to wear one of ours. Boys can come in knight or superhero costumes. Each week the students learn a new lesson that will earn them the title of princess and knight. For graduation, the little ladies receive tiaras and the little gentlemen are knighted with swords and helmets!

The Four Classes Include :

  • Table Manners Each Class…Greetings and Introductions…Shaking Hands
  • Pulling Out a Chair for a Lady…Napkin Use…Holding Utensils Correctly…Cutting Food
  • Fork and Spoon Use…Polite Table Conversation…How to set the Table
  • Afternoon healthy snack…And More!