• Students must come dressed and ready for class.
  • Ballet students must come dressed in a leotard/uniform, tights and hair tied in a bun at all times.
  • It’s best if students don’t have to change clothing anywhere within the studio.
  • Students should bring the absolute minimum inside the studio and all personal items must be in a dance bag.
  • Students should bring a water bottle that they can easily open/drink. The onsite water fountain is available in the kitchen if needed.
  • Students may not bring food or eat in the studio.
  • No gum or candy is allowed in the studio.

Arrival Procedures

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your class start time to allow for check-in.
  • Punctuality is crucial in order to properly enforce our safety procedures.

Class Procedures

  • Class size will be limited to 20 dancers.
  • All staff and students are asked to dress properly for each class.
  • There will be no physical contact between dancers at any time.
  • Students will be dismissed from the dance room 5 minutes early, to allow the teacher to safely prepare for the next class.


  • Please encourage dancers to use the restroom before leaving the house. The less bathroom breaks needed, the better classes and drop-off/pick-up can flow.
  • The bathroom will be designated for one person per use. It will be continuously sanitized between uses.
  • Our youngest dancers in pre-primary and primary levels will be escorted to the bathroom by a staff member, but will need to be able to use the bathroom on their own. To make this easier, dancers in this age group are asked to wear a leotard and dance shoes only (NO TIGHTS).


  • All parents / guardians, siblings and family members must wait inside/outside the premises.
  • Leave scooters, bikes and strollers outside, unless there is a baby in it.

Dismissal Procedures

  • Parents should pick-up students at the front door.
  • Each student will be released one at a time from the building.
  • Students who wish to carpool must provide a written or emailed note of consent from both parents/guardians. .

Cleaning/Safety Procedures

Staff will steam mop the dance floors and sanitize the restrooms and hard surfaces between all classes.

  • A deep cleaning of the building will take place twice a week by a professional company.
  • A designated staff member will be tasked with enforcing social distancing as well as frequent cleaning of all high-contact surfaces throughout our hours of operation.

Illness Procedures

  • Please, do not come to the studio if you have a cough, fever or are sick.
  • Please, do not come to the studio if you or someone you have been exposed to tested positive, or had COVID-like symptoms, within the past 14 days.
  • Please, do not come to the studio if you have traveled to an area where there are high amounts of COVID-19 cases for 14 days upon returning to Miami.
  • We reserve the right to take temperatures of anyone entering the studio using noncontact, infrared thermometers. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 ℉, or above,
    will be ask to leave the studio.
  • Dancers who test positive for COVID-19 must remain home until they have been cleared by a doctor and must provide documentation.