Fairy Ballet (4 -6 Age)

Young students will experience the joy of ballet combining stretching , flexibility , basic technique , coordination , musicality with the magical and enchanted world of fairies. Each student in this class will develop a special Fairy Character  and will be certified as it , based on discipline, homework, attendance and artistic achievement .

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Ballet (6-18 Age)

Intended to promote artistic education, introducing students to the discipline of ballet in a friendly, professional and fun environment. This class is based on 3 levels of intensity (I -II- III).


These classes are focused on approaching the best technique under the Vaganova Ballet Method which it’s been identified as the “Injury – Free “technique.

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Lyrical (6-18 Age)

Based in a fun and Fast- Paced moving class, this class encourage self expression, combinations across the floor, stylized routines, artistry and stage presence. The social aspect of this class generates new friendships.


Students Will have the opportunity to express themselves and express the lyrical part of a song through movements and expressions.

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Etiquette Class

The Four Classes Include:


  • Table Manners Each Class…Greetings and Introductions…Shaking Hands
  • Pulling Out a Chair for a Lady…Napkin Use…Holding Utensils Correctly…Cutting Food
  • Fork and Spoon Use…Polite Table Conversation…How to set the Table
  • Afternoon healthy snack…And More!

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